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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Koala at the Zoo

This is the picture of a koala bear. We took this pic at the zoo, my cuz which I mentioned a couple of days ago - came with us. It was sooo wet and rainy, and it took so long to get there. Oh, I forgot to mention it was at the Columbia Zoo. 

I have a whole lot more pictures from the zoo but it takes a while to upload. All of the animals were cute, pretty or fierce looking. The flamingos looked pretty with their bright pink feathers. They even had a path where you could walk through and be in the same area with the kangaroos or wallaby's.




Heather said...

Oh I remember that day! We had a lot of fun didn't we. The rain stopped... but you still got wet and covered in goat spit :D hehehe


Nangymama said...

I wish I could have been there,I would love to see Hannah covered in goat spittal!! I fed snowball and cocoa while I was here.

Rhonda Miller said...

Great picture. I love going to the zoo.