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Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Love Tap!

 This is a card I made to match my dance recital outfit in the picture down below.
I drew this image and made this card for my Tap teacher, Mrs Eva. 
My dance recital was sooo fun and I had fun with my friends!   

hope you like my card, 


Hestia's Helper said...

Who drew this image?
She looks JUST like you!
I see the "HMD" at the bottom... is that your mom or YOU?
I know you have drawn other pictures your mom has posted at the Latte Lounge for us to see and you are a very talented young lady!

I can't wait to see more of your projects and I'm your first follower!

Love Stacie

(I'm the lady who made the vase)


Sheryl said...

Oh My Goodness, Hannah! I love this card! You did such a beautiful job drawing your picture! I love how you did your hair and the dress is simply beautiful! You are a very talented artist! Great job!
Hugs, Sheryl

Heather said...

Hello my beautiful baby girl!
I am so proud of you!!
You are an amazing dancer and such a talented artist. I love what you wrote in the sidebar :)
You love purple, art, dance, FOOD, cats and horses :)

You made me smile :D
I am glad you have a blog so I can pester you even more now :D hehehe!!!

I see home school assignments in your future!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

LOVE YOU sweet girl.

Sara said...

Hannah... Your drawing is awesome! I love the way you colored it and wow... the dress is the same in both pictures! I can't wait to see what else you draw!!! You are amazing and I LOVE YOUR NEW BLOG!!! Have a wonderful weekend! Happy Creating! Sara

Hannah said...

Thanks, I drew the Tap image and colored it myself.

MOM! We are STILL on summer break!!!
I don't want to talk about school right now!!! :) :P

melissac said...

Hannah - great job on your blog. I love the design!!! I also love your card - you are wonderful artist and crafter!! I look forward to seeing more of you work!! Blessings and hugs!

Rhonda Miller said...

I just love your blog.
Your card is so cute.

Nangymama said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Beautiful card and of course you're artwork is amazing!! YOU ARE A VERY TALENTED YOUNG LADY!!! Nang is sooo proud of you!!When you are a FAMOUS DANCER,ARTIST,(GOURDER)HEE!HEE! Dont "FERGIT" about you're old Nangy!! I LUV YOU!!!!!!

VanessaB said...

very talented young lady. you did a wonderful job drawing just like your mom. when i was 9, i liked to look at my grandfather's paintings (he's an artist) and draw/paint like him- i see where you get your style :) have fun with your blog and i look forward to seeing more of your beautiful art work :)

Hannah said...


bumblebee creations said...

UMMMM>>>>Heather! I think yOu should put this image in your store--it is so very cute!!